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Wed 04 Mar 2020

Time Disorder: don't order events by timestamp

When presented with a series of events, many developers will first be tempted to sort them by time. This is dangerous because timestamps do not provide the strict ordering they've assumed.

Out of order events can lead to infrequent but significant bugs: consider "add to basket then checkout" vs "checkout then add to basket".

Instead of timestamps, developers should prefer simple counters and proper conflict detection. Timestamps may still be useful, but should be approached with caution due to the complexities outlined below.

Source: Time Disorder: don't order events by timestamp, an article by Caolan McMahon.

The death of Agile?

I read an article on the death of Agile. It’s not the first article I’ve seen claiming that Agile is dead, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Source: The death of Agile?, an article by Mike Loukides.

How to use Restricted Shell

You have users logging in to your Linux system. Those users might have not have sudo rights, but they quite possibly could have free rein to poke around most of the system directory tree. You don't want that. Why? Although those users might not be able to edit the vast majority of your configuration files, you certainly don't want those users viewing them. Same holds true for your client data--you want that locked down.

Source: How to use Restricted Shell to limit user access to a Linux system, an article by Jack Wallen.