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Mon 02 Mar 2020

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Tolkien Elves

Michael Martinez provides answers to several FAQs about Tolkien Elves in his blog post Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Tolkien Elves.

And no, Michael doesn't imply that Gandalf was an elf, just that he was believed to be an elf by most people in the north.

Little known features of iTerm2

Despite owning a Mac mini for years now I still haven't tried iTerm2. If you use this program check out Shrey Banga's Little known features of iTerm2.

Calling C or C++ From Python

Are you a Python developer with a C or C++ library you’d like to use from Python? If so, then Python bindings allow you to call functions and pass data from Python to C or C++, letting you take advantage of the strengths of both languages. Throughout this tutorial, you’ll see an overview of some of the tools you can use to create Python bindings.

Source: Python Bindings: Calling C or C++ From Python, an article by Jim Anderson.