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Sat 29 Feb 2020

Who cares about Emacs?

There are so many options for robust text editors now, many of which have iterated upon Emacs' ideas and traditions, that you may well wonder whether GNU Emacs is still relevant.

Source: Who cares about Emacs?, an article by Seth Kenlon.

Early Impressions of Go from a Rust Programmer

I've been using Go for the past few weeks. It's my first time using Go for a large (-ish), serious project. I've previously looked at Go a lot and played with examples and toy programs when researching features for Rust. Real programming is a very different experience.

I thought it would be interesting to write about my impressions. I'll try and avoid too much comparison with Rust, but since that is the language I'm coming from, there will be some. I should declare in advance a strong bias for Rust, but I'll do my best to be objective.

Source: Early Impressions of Go from a Rust Programmer, an article by Nick Cameron.

Choosing a Programming Language

Let me start by stressing that I don't think there's one language suitable for all tasks, and probably there won't ever be one. In a typical workweek I seldom program in fewer than three different languages. The most difficult question I face when starting a new project is what language to use. Factors I balance when choosing a programming language are programmer productivity, maintainability, efficiency, portability, tool support, and software and hardware interfaces.

Source: Choosing a Programming Language, an article by Diomidis Spinellis.