Mon 10 Feb 2020

Tools in My Toolbox

One of the most important skills I believe programmers need is to understand when to use certain tools. My typical process for solving a problem is to go through each tool in my toolbox and see which one would solve the problem the best. Over the past few years, I’ve worked on systems that process 100s of billions of data points. In doing so, I’ve added a number of tools to my personal toolbox.

Source: Tools in My Toolbox, an article by Michael Malis.

Merge Sort - Divide and Conquer

When you are faced with a huge task, what do you usually do? Well, if you’re a little bit like me, then you split it into smaller chunks, complete them individually and later combine into a bigger one. This exact approach is used by Merge Sort. Following article will cover its implementation with detailed explanation, including a study of dreadful (not really) recursion. Ready?

Source: Merge Sort - Divide and Conquer, an article by Mateusz Dziubek.