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Fri 07 Feb 2020

Dicts are now ordered, get used to it

There were several moments over the last few weeks when I heard people discuss differences between Python lists and dicts and one of the first ones mentioned was that lists are ordered and dicts are not.

Well, not anymore.

Source: Dicts are now ordered, get used to it, an article by Ivan Sagalaev.

Responsive YouTube Embed

Today I made embedded YouTube videos responsive as part of my work. I used the technique given in Responsive YouTube Embed, an article by John Surdakowski.

Overload Functions in Python

Function overloading is the ability to have multiple functions with the same name but with different signatures/implementations. When an overloaded function fn is called, the runtime first evaluates the arguments/parameters passed to the function call and judging by this invokes the corresponding implementation.

Source: Overload Functions in Python, an article by Arpit Bhayani.