Fri 03 Jan 2020

No, We Still Can't Use Quantum Entanglement To Communicate FTL

One of the most fundamental rules of physics, undisputed since Einstein first laid it out in 1905, is that no information-carrying signal of any type can travel through the Universe faster than the speed of light. Particles, either massive or massless, are required for transmitting information from one location to another, and those particles are mandated to travel either below (for massive) or at (for massless) the speed of light, as governed by the rules of relativity.

Since the development of quantum mechanics, however, many have sought to leverage the power of quantum entanglement to subvert this rule, devising clever schemes to attempt to transmit information to "cheat" relativity and communicate faster-than-light after all. Although it's an admirable attempt to work around the rules of our Universe, faster-than-light communication is still an impossibility. Here's the science of why.

Source: No, We Still Can't Use Quantum Entanglement To Communicate Faster Than Light, an article by Ethan Siegel.