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Tue 23 Apr 2019

Taking Perl to Eleven

I just watched the slides of David Golden's Taking Perl to Eleven with Higher-Order Functions as presented on the Perl Conference 2018. The video of the talk is available on YouTube:

Sometimes, you just need your Perl to go one higher. This talk will teach you how to use functions that return functions for powerful, succinct solutions to some repetitive coding problems. Along the way, you’ll see concrete examples using higher-order Perl to generate declarative, structured “fake” data for testing.

Alpine Linux

I just had a quick peek at Alpine Linux running in a virtual machine on VirtualBox. The ISO image is very small, just 35M, and installs very fast. Later this month I want to publish an article on my main blog about how to install Alpine Virtual in VirtualBox.

Successful Payment

In the evening I paid my hosting providers. The first one, providing the hosting for this site and I paid using PayPal. And the second one, providing the hosting for and I paid using my Revolut prepaid credit card. And the payment was successful. This is the first successful one as earlier I couldn't pay MediaMarkt using Revolut nor add the card to PayPal. I reported the PayPal issue and it's currently being investigated.