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23 Dec 2019

Making a small Haskell application

Haskell is a programming language that a lot of people use to learn functional programming and solve programming exercises. But not as many take the leap to use Haskell for practical projects. To try to help to bridge this gap, I will walk through how to create a "practical" Haskell application. This is of course not the only way to do it and there are alternatives to every approach I am using, but this is what I find most suitable for a small easy-to-understand project.

Source: Making a small Haskell application, an article by Morten Kolstad.

A Glossary of Functional Programming

I’ve taught functional programming for years now, each time experimenting with different ways of teaching core concepts. Over time, I’ve collected and converged on simple (but reasonably precise) pedagogical definitions for a range of functional concepts.

In this post, I’ll share those definitions with you, in my first ever, Glossary of Functional Programming. Enjoy!

Source: A Glossary of Functional Programming, an article by John A De Goes.