Sat 30 Nov 2019

We are Programmers

Building websites is programming. Writing HTML and CSS is programming. I am a programmer, and if you're here, reading CSS-Tricks, chances are you're a programmer, too.

The thing is, the details in programming layout with CSS are different, for example, than the details in programming API endpoints with Ruby. Or machine learning with Python. Or programming a browser engine with C++.

But those differences are details! A lot of details, but still... details. It's all programming.

Source: We are Programmers, an article by Lara Schenck.

Improving CLIs with isatty

One thing I like to do to improve the command-line programs I maintain is to make them aware of whether they’re being run interactively. In this post I’ll show off an easy trick to make programs running interactively more usable.

Source: Improving CLIs with isatty, an article by Jake Zimmerman.