Thu 28 Nov 2019

That which we call an identity

This post is inspired by something that I see crop up now and again in discussions with other Maths teachers. It usually manifests itself as a rallying cry to use ≡ in place of = in identities and reserve = for equations. My standard response is to mutter something about identities being equations and leave it at that. But in the latest round, Jemma Sherwood challenged me, in the nicest possible way, to explain a bit further. This is that explanation.

Source: That which we call an identity, an article by Andrew Stacey.

Python 3: Modules and Packages

Modules are nothing but files containing Python code. As your program gets bigger, it becomes hard to maintain if you keep it in a single file. Modules in Python are a way to re-factor your code into multiples files and referring those files in your main program.

A Package in Python refers to a collection of modules categorized under one logical grouping.

Lets see these definitions in action.

Modules and Packages.