Thu 14 Nov 2019

A Black Cat on the Bridge Railing

In the afternoon, when taking some fresh air, I spotted a black cat resting on the railing of a bridge. When I petted it, it started to move around on top of the railing. I took a photo when it was standing still for a short moment.

a black cat standing on the railing of a bridge
A black cat standing on the railing of a bridge.

Remote Working: The Ultimate Guide

There is no single formula for how to become an efficient remote worker. Everyone will work at different times and have different tips on how to make the most of their time. Indeed, one of the major benefits of remote work is the flexibility it affords. That said, there are a few common practices you can expect to use as a remote worker.

Source: Remote Working: The Ultimate Guide, a guide by James Gallagher.

Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

This is an informational document. Although technical in nature, it attempts to make the concepts involved understandable and applicable in real-world situations. Because of this, some aspects of the material are simplified or omitted, for the sake of clarity. If you are interested in the minutia of the subject, please explore the References and Further Information at the end.

Source: Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters, an article by Mark Nottingham.