Fri 08 Nov 2019

Go Turns 10

This weekend we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Go release, marking the 10th birthday of Go as an open-source programming language and ecosystem for building modern networked software.

Source: Go Turns 10, an article by Russ Cox.

Basic troubleshooting with telnet and netcat

In the early years of computing, telnet was used to connect to the command line on remote systems. SSH has replaced telnet for remote access needs, and these days when you hear about telnet, it is usually when somebody is using the client as a generic network troubleshooting tool.

That’s because, in troubleshooting sessions, sysadmins turn to telnet and netcat to test connectivity to service offerings.

Source: Basic troubleshooting with telnet and netcat, an article by Dustin Minnich.

Coincidentally, today I used nc because macOS Mojave doesn't come with telnet out of the box.