Tue 05 Nov 2019

Stop using utcnow and utcfromtimestamp

If you are the kind of developer who prefers to work in UTC, you may have seen Python's datetime.utcnow() and datetime.utcfromtimestamp() methods and thought, "Ah, yes, this is what I should do to work in UTC!" But alas, this is not the best way to work with UTC datetimes. In fact I would say that it is extremely rare that you would want to use either of these functions.

Source: Stop using utcnow and utcfromtimestamp, an article by Paul Ganssle.

Summary of C/C++ integer rules

This is my own collection of hard-earned knowledge about how integers work in C/C++, and how to use them carefully and correctly. In this article, I try to strike a balance between brevity (easing the reader) and completeness (providing absolute correctness and extensive detail)

Source: Summary of C/C++ integer rules, an article by Nayuki.