Tue 08 Oct 2019

Eight Habits of Expert Software Designers

What makes an expert software designer? The typical answer — experience and innate ability — is less than satisfying. While it carries elements of truth, it offers little from which we can learn and generalize. Experts clearly do not just approach their work randomly. Quite the contrary, they have specific habits, learned practices, and observed principles that they employ deliberately during their design work.

Source: Eight Habits of Expert Software Designers: An Illustrated Guide, an article by Marian Petre & André van der Hoek.

New style: Tuesday

In the evening I made another style for tumblelog, based on the style October, called Tuesday.

tumblelog style "Tuesday"
tumblelog style Tuesday in action.

New style: Steel

In the evening I finished a style for tumblelog that I had started on in the afternoon: Steel.

tumblelog style "Steel"
tumblelog style Steel in action.