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16 Sep 2019

Why Go and not Rust?

Imagine you’re a developer who mainly works with Go. You go to an event and, while chatting with some people, you decide to share with them the news that you wrote a small tool that does something. You claim that since you wrote it in Go, it’s fairly fast, it’s a single binary, etc. The group seems pleased with your recount and you start feeling good, but then you notice a stranger approaching from behind. A bone-chilling wind blows and you hear: “Why Go and not Rust?”

Source: Why Go and not Rust?, an article by Loris Cro.

Dataframe Visualization with Pandas Plot

In this post I will show you how to effectively use the pandas plot function and build plots and graphs with just one liners and will explore all the features and parameters of this function. I would be using the World Happiness index data of 2019.

Source: Dataframe Visualization with Pandas Plot.

CommonMark memory corruption "fixed"

In the evening I finally had a working HTML renderer with node rewriting for the upcoming version 2.0.0 of tumblelog. Read about the memory corruption issue and a work around thanks to Nick Wellnhofer in Rewriting CommonMark Nodes in Perl "right" this time.