a tumblelog
14 Sep 2019

A Visit to a Flower Exposition

In the afternoon my mother and I went to a flower exposition inside the local church. It was quite a large exposition and I took several photos.

Hydrangea flowering
A beautiful colored Hydrangea flowering.
Cactus Dahlia close-up
Close-up of a cactus Dahlia flowering.
Dianthus barbatus Kiwi Mellow
Dianthus barbatus Kiwi Mellow.
Callistephus chinensis 'Matsumoto Pink'
Callistephus chinensis 'Matsumoto Pink'
Close-up of a beautiful sun flower
Close-up of a beautiful sun flower.

Rewriting CommonMark Nodes issue

In the evening I added the CommonMark node rewriting code to the tumbelog program only to find out that the solution I wrote yesterday about also caused memory corruption.