Tue 10 Sep 2019

Apple Special Event

At 7pm I started to watch the Apple Special Event. While I rarely play games on the computer I am interested in Apple Arcade, and I enjoyed watching the game Shinsekai: Into the Depths by Capcom; very nicely made.

Next, a new iPad was announced: 7th generation with a 10.2" retina display. As my iPad Air 2 got stolen in a break in into our house over a year ago I have been waiting for a new model to be released. And it has, so a new iPad has been moved to the top of my wish list.

While I am still happy with my iPhone 5 I know there will be a time in the future I have to replace it so I also looked forward to the presentation of the iPhone 11.

I was very impressed with the photographic capabilities of the new phone, especially night mode. And the game that was shown running on it, Pascal's Wager, looks fantastic.