Wed 04 Sep 2019

She Has Her Mother's Laugh

In the early afternoon the book I ordered last week, She Has Her Mother's Laugh by Carl Zimmer, arrived. I had ordered the book together with two other books, both a present for a friend which I could give to him last week. But the book I had ordered for myself arrived today.

Cover of "She Has Her Mother's Laugh"
Cover of "She Has Her Mother's Laugh", a book by Carl Zimmer.

I plan to read one non-fiction each month, and I want to start with Zimmer's book this month.

A few years back I read A Planet of Viruses, also by Carl Zimmer, and I liked it a lot.

A Subtle Bug in tumblelog

Today I discovered a subtle bug in how I calculate the archives in the Perl version of tumblelog: instead of using the ISO year I use the actual year. Which causes off by one errors in some cases for the year. For a complete write up read ISO week and year in Perl.

An updated version, 1.0.7, of tumblelog will be pushed to GitHub tomorrow.