Wed 08 May 2019

Dutch licorice and a clock

Today a package arrived from Paul with 3 bags of Dutch licorice and a clock in the shape of a mobile phone having an Apple decal. The latter was a joke as we often discuss the pros and cons of owning Apple devices.

Close-up of Dutch licorice
Close-up of Dutch licorice.

I got the traditional Dutch candy in exchange for a small Perl script and a very small Python script.

"Apple" mobile phone clock
"Apple" mobile phone clock.

Business dinner in Utrecht

In the afternoon I travelled by bus and train to Utrecht in order to attend a business dinner. I first took a bus to the bus station in Naaldwijk. Next, I took a bus to Schiedam, to the train station.

From there a took an NS Sprinter in the direction of Dordrecht to arrive at the train station "Rotterdam Centraal".

Rotterdam: the NS Intercity to Leeuwarden
Rotterdam: the NS Intercity to Leeuwarden.

At Rotterdam I took the Intercity to Leeuwarden, and after a nice trip I got out in Utrecht.

Train station "Rotterdam Centraal"
Train station "Rotterdam Centraal" taken from the train.

Once in Utrecht I had to search a bit, using the Maps App on my iPhone 5 to find the restaurant; Metro City Kitchen. After some work related talk we ordered. I had Tournedos rare as the main dish and Mango curd for dessert. After dessert I had a cappuccino and some time later a mint tea. All in all it was an excellent evening.

Train station "Rotterdam Centraal"
Train station "Rotterdam Centraal".

On the way back I missed the bus to Naaldwijk at Schiedam and had to wait one hour. Luckily it was not raining and not too cold. I arrived back home just before 12.