Sat 04 May 2019

Ordered seed packages arrived today

The second of May I ordered four seed packages online. And today a package from the Zaden Gigant (seed giant) arrived. I ordered the following seeds:

As I can't find the latter as a known orchid species; I guess it's a misspelling of Bulbophyllum siamense; The Thailand Bulbophyllum.

Five seed packages
Five seed packages.

I have experience growing the first two carnivorous plants from seed. Especially the Cape sundew is very easy to grow from seed.

I grew Aechmea nudicaulis from pups in Mexico, and got them even flowering. I like this species a lot and want to give raising them from seed a try.

As for the latter, while I have some experience with growing orchids I never grew them from seed, so this is probably going to be a bit of a challenge.

Besides the four packages I ordered I also got 40 seeds of blue waxweed, Cuphea viscosissima, for free.