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Fri 19 Apr 2019

Testing ProxyChains with cURL

Today I wanted to test ProxyChains with a SOCKS5 tunnel, which I did as follows:

$ proxychains curl

This returns JSON which includes the proxy's IP address if everything works as expected, which it did.

For more information on how to use proxychains, see: Subversion proxy: fixed IP address with proxychains

How to use jq in a shell pipeline

If you use the identity filter, '.', you can pipe output of a command to jq, a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor, and have it pretty printed. For example:

curl -s | jq '.'

The above will show information about your current (external) IP address, similar to

For more information about jq, see the jq Manual.

Building the latest version of ProxyChains NG

Today I also built the latest version of ProxyChains NG in order to get rid of the "ProxyChains-3.1 (" message the old version of ProxyChains prints to stdout.