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Sun 14 Apr 2019

Jsonnet: a data templating language

Today I learned that there is a templating language that is a superset of JSON: Jsonnet.

Finding hexadecimal color codes on macOS

Use the Digital Color Meter to find the hexadecimal color code of a specific color on macOS or OS X. The program shows default decimal values. Select "as Hexadecimal" in the "Display Values" submenu available under "View" to obtain hexadecimal values.

Switching the Digital Color Meter to hexadecimal
Switching the Digital Color Meter to hexadecimal.

Looking up user info on macOS

$ dscacheutil -q user -a name john
name: john
password: ********
uid: 501
gid: 20
dir: /Users/john
shell: /bin/bash
gecos: John Bokma

To look up information of all users, use:

dscacheutil -q user