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Fri 12 Apr 2019

Happy birthday Alice

Today our daughter Alice turns 12 years old. Happy birthday little princess!

More SEO friendly

The day pages of tumblelog now can have a title that can be defined via the Markdown input file by putting text behind the date. This update is available on GitHub. For more information please read SEO friendly titles for tumblelog.

Emacs font lock II

Today I refactored some Emacs Lisp for additional font locks in Emacs. The Markdown file in which I enter blog entries looks now much better.

Birthday girl

Alice Bokma at her birthday party
Alice at her birthday party at IHOP, Xalapa. Photo taken by Esme.

Emacs highlight-regexp

After some playing with font-lock in Emacs I was wondering how to highlight the entire line when it just has a % character on it in Markdown mode. Entire line as in all other columns, with a background color.

So I asked this question at the Emacs StackExchange and very soon got a helpful answer by Tobias which with some additional Googling led to the following solution:

(defface markdown-item-face
  '((t (:background "#364e7a")))
  "Used to highlight %")

(add-hook 'markdown-mode-hook

Now my blog posts in Emacs are separated by blue bars:

Emacs with highlight-regexp in Markdown mode showing blue bars
Emacs with highlight-regexp in Markdown mode showing blue bars.