a tumblelog
Thu 28 Mar 2019

Holy Ghost

Two past twelve AM I finished Holy Ghost (A Virgil Flowers Novel) by John Sandford. It was an excellent read, recommended if you like mystery.

As it was already past midnight I blog this under a new day.

Emacs Color Themes

In the evening I browsed some Emacs color themes. My current theme is Charcoal Black, which I like a lot. I checked out once more an Emacs theme gallery, where I found last week Jason Milkin's Soothe theme that I used to pick the colors for this blog from. And I also checked out Emacs Themes and Owain Lewis' Emacs Themes.

From the latter page I like Brin, Graham, and Junio a lot. Maybe next month I try to make my own theme just like I did many years ago for Textpad, an editor running on Microsoft Windows. I probably am going to use Jason Milkin's Emacs Theme Editor.

First bug found

Found my first mistake in the tumblelog Perl program I wrote: I accidentally counted entries as days to limit the number of content on the main page. Since a day can have multiple entries this resulted in content already being moved off the front page. Easy fix: move the test outside of the innermost loop.